Monday, January 26, 2009


Its official. Between Isaac’s enthusiasm, the random cards from Winter Warm-Up and The Checklist, I’m hooked. I stopped by a hobby shop and went through their Cardinals box & display case and picked out HOFers and older cards in general. The prices seemed reasonable but I’m not really sure what they “should” be priced for anyway. Owner said he had everything priced to move, discounted cards as we spoke, and then discounted the whole stack another 25% at the register. In total, I bought over 60 cards and ended paying less than a dollar a card. Still not sure what I’m doing but that just makes it more interesting. I’ll post the more interesting cards starting with the Gibsons

Creased 1960

Gibby 1960

1968 All Star

Gibby 1968 AS

1969 All Star

Gibby 1969  AS

1969 Deckle – Not sure what that means aside from the edge cut. Just going by what the owner told me.

Gibby 1969 Deckle

1973 Base

Gibby 1973