Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2008 Baseball Heroes Box Break

Here's a box break we did at the Winter Warm Up. Let me know if you are interested in trading. We opened boxes of 2005 Topps Gallery and 2006 Upper Deck F/X too. No videos, but will try to scan the hits for trades.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2008 Bowman Chrome Box Break

This is a box break from New Year's Eve. Let me know if you are interested in trading!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ike Is Back

Hello and Happy New Year! Back in 2012 after a fall break. Baseball in St. Louis has had its ups and downs this fall but things in 2012 are looking up. We are going to the Cardinals Winter Warm Up in two weeks and hope to get plenty of autographs, open plenty of packs, and maybe even take a picture with the World Series trophy.

Lets start the New Year right with a reminder of the World Series - confetti from the celebration!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Daily Dimwit Artifacts Break

Hey guys - the Daily Dimwit is running a 2006 Artifacts case break. Plenty of good teams left.

More info here:   http://www.thedailydimwit.com/2011/08/group-break-announcement.html

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Futures Game

Here are two cool Cardinal relics from 2010 Pro Debut. I like that these cards are numbered and have giant jerseys on them. I think these will be perfect for autographs at the next Cardinals Winter Warm Up.

Eduardo Sanchez 187 of 299 – Sanchez made a splash earlier this year out of the bullpen but has been out with shoulder problems for the last two months.
2010 Pro Debut Sanchez Futures Jersey 187 of 199

Francisco Samuel Gold 25 of 25 – Samuel is supposed to be our closer in a couple of years but has been passed by Fernando Salas, Lance Lynn and Sanchez.
2010 Topps Pro Debut Futures Game Samuel Jersey 25 of 25

Let’s just hope they can give us what this guy has since 2006. Get well Waino!!!
2006 Bowman Futures Game Wainwright Jersey

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lucky A&G - Two Relics!!!

We picked up our first hobby packs of Allen & Ginter a couple of weeks ago… and did we get lucky! All this in just five packs!

ARod 600th HR Baseball Highlight Sketches
2011 A&G Sketches 20

Ascent of Man#4 and #21
2011 A&G Ascent of Man 42011 A&G Ascent of Man 21

Evan Longoria Jersey Relic
2011 A&G Longoria Jersey

Jack LaLanne Film Relic!!!
2011 A&G LaLanne Film

Close up of the relic
2011 A&G LaLanne Film Zoom

We pulled these as well:
  • Three Hometown Heroes
  • Two Minds That Made The Future
  • Three Short Prints (Hochevar, Johnson, Mauer)
  • Three Mini Inserts (Portraits of Penultimacy, Uninvited Guests and Fortunes for the Taking)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 Seaver Nameplate

Pulled this out of a jumbo pack. Its up for trade.

2011 Topps Leather Nameplate Seaver