Monday, March 7, 2011

2002 Topps Want List

Isaac turns nine in exactly two months (!!!!!) and asked if we could build the Topps set from his birth year. So... I found an ebay dealer who had open hobby cases of both Series 1 and Series 2 cheap (like less than $20 each ppd) so I bought two boxes of each.

Series 1:  I thought for sure we'd have a complete set between two hobby boxes especially after the first box. That box had us 44 cards short or 88% of the base set. Alas, the second box only had 20 of those 44 cares so we're 24 cards short. We did like the inserts sets and will post the trade bait in a separate post.

Series 2: The first box was excellent and had us just 11 cards from the complete 354 card set, or 97% of the base set. The inserts aren't as varied as the first series but we did get a monster hit... odds-wise any way. The odds of pulling a Prime Cuts Relic Auto are 1 in 8927 packs and we pulled one numbered 10 of 50. Too bad it was of Wilson Betemit.

Here's the list from google docs. Let us know if you have any problems accessing the list. We have a ton of dupes, obviously, so if anyone else is interested in building this set let us know and the partial set is yours!

Ike's Cards 2002 Topps Want List

Aside from the "easy" inserts, we did not get any hits in either Series 1 box. We did get a relic in each of our two Series 2 boxes.

Wilson Betemit Prime Cuts Bat Relic Auto. Odds 1:8,927 packs.
Greg Maddux Aces Jersey Relic. Odds 1:1,180