Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Flea Market Packs

I won some cool packs and blasters at last month's flea market. I went with my Aunt, Uncle and Grandma this month and they sponsored a few extra rolls at the dice game table with baseball card prizes. My dad let me do a video for everything except for the blaster my mom and I opened when we got home.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nachos Grande May Group Break

We had the Cardinals in Nachos Grande May Group Break and he really, really came through for us. If you follow his blog at all you probably know all about this card but I wanted to post a bigger picture of it here. Its really is awesome. His 2002 Stadium Club box was loaded with Cardinals and it starts here:

2002 Albert Pujols Clubhouse Exclusive Dual Relic – The odds of pulling this type of card are 1 in 2073 packs. The odds of getting this Pujols card must be crazy!
2002 Stadium Club Pujols Dual Bat Jersey

If that weren’t enough, the box also had this Jim Edmonds Born In The USA jersey card.
2002 Stadium Club Edmonds Jersey

There were also three gold cards. These are thicker than the regular cards and have gold lettering. (Dad – The third card was J. D. Drew. Drew wore the Birds on the Bat but he was never a Cardinal. The best thing he ever did for us was play lousy enough to be traded for Adam Wainwright. I’ve decided to impose a J. D. Drew quota on this blog. Maximum of one J. D. Drew card per year. Scroll down for 2011’s card.)
2002 Stadium Club Pujols Gold2002 Stadium Club Vina Gold

Nachos also opened three other boxes. These are my first 2000 Topps Tek cards.
2000 Topps Tek Ankiel2000 Topps Tek McGwire
1999 Upper Deck HoloGrFX
1999 UD HoloGrFX McGwire

1999 Fleer Mystique. The Drew is a Rookie card numbered 1552 of 2999.
1999 Fleer Mystique McGwire1999 Fleer Mystique Drew Rookie 1552 of 2999

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trade with Baseball Dad

I just finished my second trade with Baseball Dad: Indians for Cardinals. The trade was for one of my Josh Tomlin autographs for a 2007 Sweet Spot Scott Rolen jersey card. I wish Rolen and LaRussa could have found a way to work together… it sure would be nice to still have him at third.
2007 Sweet Spot Rolen Jersey
Jack also sent a 2010 Bowman Chrome Green Xfractor of Tommy Phan. I’m saving this one to get autographed at Winter Warm Up if Phan is invited to sign.
2010 Bowman Chrome Phan Green XFractor 
He also sent a bunch of cool base cards that I’ve never seen before. I really like this 2004 Fleer Dan Haren card. It says “Gold Medalion” on the back and has the die cut curved corner. If anyone has the Yadier Molina version of this card (that’s one of his rookie cards) I have plenty to trade.
2004 Fleer Gold Medalion Haren 
And finally Jack sent these cool Cardinal Hall of Famer cards from 2005 SP Legendary Cuts and 1983 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes. These are awesome!
2005 SP Legendary Cuts Brock2005 SP Legendary Cuts Sisler2005 SP Legendary Cuts Smith
1983 Donruss HOF Heroes Musial1983 HOF Heroes Mize
Thanks Jack!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2008 Albert Pujols Stadium Club Stadium Slices

We have Pujols jersey and bat cards but how cool is this? This is a Stadium Slices relic from  2008 Topps Stadium Club with a piece of the blue outfield wall from the old Yankee Stadium! The card actually looks even better in person.

2008 Stadium Club Pujols Yankee  Wall

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lone Wolf Pack Break

I mentioned before that the principal at my school helps to run a card shop on the weekends. We went to visit him last weekend but it turns out he was on vacation. We bought the last pack of 2008 Bowman Chrome and the last pack of 2008 Moments and Milestones they had in the case and spent some quarters at the card vending machine.

The Bowman Chrome pack had a numbered refractor of current Cardinals backup catcher Gerald Laird’s baby brother – Brandon Laird 464 of 500.

2008 Bowman Chrome Laird Refractor 474 of 500

The Moments and Milestones pack had a Clay Buchholz Rookie Autograph!
2008 Moments and Milestones Buchholz RC Auto

These are both for trade.

Dad: Isaac has inherited my “what if” disease – The one that, in other collecting realms, will not allow me to walk away from the last copy of a Jazz LP, or editioned poster / print, or other music or hifi related collectible in fear that it will not be there next time or, worse yet, the item is even more special than I suspect. This affliction has now spread to the the last (few) packs of a box at the shop. Isaac’s propensity to grab autos and relics out of these lone wolf packs has only worsened this condition in both of us.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trade with Thorzul

We finished up a trade with Thorzul that started with this card:
2008 Heroes Musial 90 of 299

and turned into a larger trade that included these -
2008 – UD Heroes Mark Mulder 253 of 499
2005 – UD All Stars Albert Pujols 250 of 499
2010 – Triple Threads Bob Gibson 986 of 1350
2008 Heroes Mulder Green 253 of 4992005 UD All Stars Pujols 250 of 4992010 Triple Threads Gibson 986 of 1350

2009 – UD Piece of History Rick Ankiel / Josh Hamilton 73 of 99
2005 – Donruss 04 World Series Red Schoendienst 228 of 500
2004 – Donruss World Series Records Bob Gibson 205 of 1000
2009 Piece of History Ankiel Hamilton Pink 73 of 992005 Donruss World Series 04 Schoendienst 228 of 5002004 Donruss WS Records Gibson 205 by 1000

And then a cool Bob Gibson jersey card from 2007 SP Legendary Cuts:
2007 SP Legendary Cuts Gibson Jersey


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2011 Topps Tribute Cardinals

We picked up a couple of Topps Tribute Cardinals a few weeks ago. I can’t believe there are really packs and boxes that cost this much! Glad we found these singles.

Pujols 111 of 199. Wainwright 39 of 199.
2011 Tribute Pujols 111 of 1992011 Tribute Wainwright 39 of 199

Monday, June 13, 2011

More Pujols Rookie Cards

I picked up this three card lot on ebay last month for way less than the $35 – $40 local shops are asking for Albert’s 2001 Topps Stars card alone.

2001 Topps Stars Pujols Rookie

I’m not really sure if the Fleer Platinum counts as a rookie card or not. I’m posting both Fleer cards to show that the blue blemish looks like a consistent printing issue.
2001 Fleer Platinum Pujols Rookie 12001 Fleer Platinum Pujols Rookie 2

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thorzul May Group Break Results & June Reminder

Hi guys. Just a reminder that Thorzul still has a few spots open in his June Group Break. We've been doing his breaks for awhile now including last month. Here's some of our loot from his May group breaks.

First - Cards from the Cheapo Group Break. We had the Cardinals and Yankees. The Yankees are up for trade. A Luddwick Finest Refractor, two Ankiel's, and nice looking Matt Morris insert.

2011 May Thorzul Breaks - Copy (7)2011 May Thorzul Breaks - Copy (3)

2011 May Thorzul Breaks - Copy (4)2011 May Thorzul Breaks - Copy (2)

Two numbered Giambi’s

2011 May Thorzul Breaks - Copy (8)2011 May Thorzul Breaks - Copy

And now the May Group Break. We had the Cardinals and Twins.

2005 National Pastime Pujols numbered 1 /2001 and base card.

2011 May Thorzul Breaks - Copy (6)2011 May Thorzul Breaks - Copy (5)

And a Kent Hrbek Sweet Spot Jersey card that’s headed to David over at

2011 May Thorzul Breaks

Hobby Shop Mystery Pack

My principal works at a hobby shop on the weekends. We went to the shop last weekend and picked up a few Cardinals, a pack of Bowman, and a mystery pack. The mystery pack is a brown lunch bag containing twenty cards and random relics or autographs.

This pack had a bunch of cards but no Cardinals and these two hits.

2005 Turkey Red Mark Mulder Jersey Card
2005 Turkey Red Mulder Jersey

2000 Diamond Authentics Jesse Ibarra Autograph. Here’s his claim to fame.
2000 Diamond Authentics Ibarra Auto 1429 of 3250

Thursday, June 9, 2011

2009 Signature Stars Box Break

My dad found a box of this on sale and gave it to me because he lost our bet. He bet me I couldn’t get to 500 reading counts points this year. The previous Third Grade record in my school was 300. I made it all the way to 513 points. Only two sixth graders had more points than me and they were over 600.

This was a bad box: two USA jersey cards, one USA jersey + auto (a repeat player!) and one average MLB auto. At least there were lots of Cardinals and a Lincecum and Markakis.

Trever Bauer and Chad Bettis jersey cards
2009 UD USA Bauer Jersey2009 UD USA Bettis Jersey

Chad Bettis (again!) Jersey Autograph
2009 UD USA Bettis Jersey Auto

Matt Tolbert Autograph
2009 UD Sig Stars Tolbert Auto

These are all up for trade.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Catching Up On 2011 Gypsy Queen & Heritage

We forgot to scan these at the time but here are a few more Gypsy Queen cards. All are for trade.

Robinson Cano Bat Card. I pulled this on my birthday at the Cardinals game. My dad brought a rack pack to the game and this was in it.
2011 Gypsy Queen Cano Bat

Jayson Werth Jersey & Kevin Youkilis Sepia Mini 74 of 99. These were pulled out of the same hobby pack.
2011 Gypsy Queen Werth Jersey2011 Gypsy Queen Youkilis Sepia 74 of 99

Thurmon Munson Frame 31 of 999. Can’t remember how we got this one.
2011 Gypsy Queen Munson 31 of 999

Jim Thome Bat Card. This came from a hobby box.
2011 Heritage Thome Bat