Thursday, June 9, 2011

2009 Signature Stars Box Break

My dad found a box of this on sale and gave it to me because he lost our bet. He bet me I couldn’t get to 500 reading counts points this year. The previous Third Grade record in my school was 300. I made it all the way to 513 points. Only two sixth graders had more points than me and they were over 600.

This was a bad box: two USA jersey cards, one USA jersey + auto (a repeat player!) and one average MLB auto. At least there were lots of Cardinals and a Lincecum and Markakis.

Trever Bauer and Chad Bettis jersey cards
2009 UD USA Bauer Jersey2009 UD USA Bettis Jersey

Chad Bettis (again!) Jersey Autograph
2009 UD USA Bettis Jersey Auto

Matt Tolbert Autograph
2009 UD Sig Stars Tolbert Auto

These are all up for trade.


Greg Zakwin said...

Interested in the Bauer. I've got a Lance Lynn auto, as well as a Chris Perez auto, listed in my Trade Bait.

Anonymous said...

I hope Matt Tolbert card is in my trade pile and not still up for trade, because I have my cards ready to send to you, once I have your address!

Thorzul said...

Great, keep reading! It will make you that much more awesome in the future. I wish my students took the same initiative you did, Ike.