Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trade with Baseball Dad

I just finished my second trade with Baseball Dad: Indians for Cardinals. The trade was for one of my Josh Tomlin autographs for a 2007 Sweet Spot Scott Rolen jersey card. I wish Rolen and LaRussa could have found a way to work together… it sure would be nice to still have him at third.
2007 Sweet Spot Rolen Jersey
Jack also sent a 2010 Bowman Chrome Green Xfractor of Tommy Phan. I’m saving this one to get autographed at Winter Warm Up if Phan is invited to sign.
2010 Bowman Chrome Phan Green XFractor 
He also sent a bunch of cool base cards that I’ve never seen before. I really like this 2004 Fleer Dan Haren card. It says “Gold Medalion” on the back and has the die cut curved corner. If anyone has the Yadier Molina version of this card (that’s one of his rookie cards) I have plenty to trade.
2004 Fleer Gold Medalion Haren 
And finally Jack sent these cool Cardinal Hall of Famer cards from 2005 SP Legendary Cuts and 1983 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes. These are awesome!
2005 SP Legendary Cuts Brock2005 SP Legendary Cuts Sisler2005 SP Legendary Cuts Smith
1983 Donruss HOF Heroes Musial1983 HOF Heroes Mize
Thanks Jack!!!



Glad you liked the cards! Our son's wedding in now over so I hope to get back to more posting on here !