Sunday, February 14, 2010

2009 Ginter Blaster Goodness

I've been catching up on all the hoopla on the hits coming out of the Ginter blasters and thought I'd throw a few more logs on the fire. We've bought 4 - 5 blasters and have a few jersey cards (including a Ryan Howard), a bunch of the SP mini's and these two Bazooka back's. Nothing major, but these are the first (and probably last now that we've posted them) Bazooka's. Nice enough to buy some mini sleeves and top loaders anyway. Maybe we can flip the Phelps in 2012 right before the Summer Games!


Nachos Grande said...

Wow. I bought 4 hobby boxes and at least 6 blasters of Ginter last summer and didn't pull a single Bazooka back!