Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Dance Competition…

My sister had another dance competition last month and my dad surprised me again with a box of cards to open during the day. One routine = one pack. It was another box of 2006 Ovation. I got a numbered rookie Skip Schumaker card but the auto wasn’t as cool as the Griffey, Wang or Cabrerra autos from the other boxes. I’m keeping Schumaker – everything else is available for trade including the base cards.

Skip Schumaker Rookie #290 of 999

2006 Ovation Schumaker 290 of 999

Mark Prior Jersey

2006 Ovation Prior Jersey

Jeff Kent #6 of 499. I guess he might be a HOF’r some day?

2006 Ovation Kent 6 of 499

Dave Gassner Rookie Auto #38 of 99

2006 Ovation Gassner Auto 38 of 99

Dad – According to Baseball Reference, Dave Gassner debuted on April 16, 2005. His last game in the majors was April 21, 2005.