Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lucky A&G - Two Relics!!!

We picked up our first hobby packs of Allen & Ginter a couple of weeks ago… and did we get lucky! All this in just five packs!

ARod 600th HR Baseball Highlight Sketches
2011 A&G Sketches 20

Ascent of Man#4 and #21
2011 A&G Ascent of Man 42011 A&G Ascent of Man 21

Evan Longoria Jersey Relic
2011 A&G Longoria Jersey

Jack LaLanne Film Relic!!!
2011 A&G LaLanne Film

Close up of the relic
2011 A&G LaLanne Film Zoom

We pulled these as well:
  • Three Hometown Heroes
  • Two Minds That Made The Future
  • Three Short Prints (Hochevar, Johnson, Mauer)
  • Three Mini Inserts (Portraits of Penultimacy, Uninvited Guests and Fortunes for the Taking)


BA Benny said...

That film relic look really cool!

FanOfReds said...

I'd love to trade for that LaNanne relic if you want to!

Nati_reds said...

Fan of Reds, are you a fellow ohioan? I just pulled the same relic possibly for trade.

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6,000,000 Cards and Counting... said...

I am in love with A&G. I wasn't so in love with it when my hits in one box were a no name jersey, a duck caller's flannel and a bowler's signature, but there is some fun stuff in there. That film relic looks slick!

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