Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cardinals Baseball Camp Autos

One of the best parts of living in St. Louis is that many former Cardinals stay in the area long after their playing days are over. Most of the camp instructors have at least part time residences in the area and are regulars at these camps, the Winter Warm Up, the Cardinals Caravan etc...

Isaac went to a Cardinals baseball camp last summer to learn the basics. In addition to a day's instruction and snacks with Fredbird, the kids had a chance to talk to the players, ask for autographs, and generally be in awe of these former big leaguers. Did they have any idea who these guys were? No way. Heck, aside from one of my childhood heroes, The Zamboni, I barely remembered these guys! Anyway, these are the autos Isaac brought home on the camp supplied cards. He also had a cap autographed by Rich Hacker.

Click on the pic for the XL version.