Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Warm Up 2011–Day 2 (Morning)

The Shelby Miller line was really, really long. I got lucky and met someone who saved a spot for me at the front of the line. Bill Virdon and Wally Moon are my first Rookie of the Year autographs. I got three Adam Reifer autographs so I can give one to my friend who’s dad is going to Afghanistan next month. Hopefully Zack Cox ends up better than Brett Wallace – his line was long too.
Dad – I highly recommend that folks going to next year’s Winter Warm Up to book the package through the Hyatt and not through the Cardinals. Guests who book rooms and passes through the hotel have priority access each morning which means no waiting in the miles long line just to get into the Warm Up (or even inside the building). Guests have assigned line spots on the second floor and are allowed upstairs to the autograph areas before general admission. For us, that meant getting in and out of one autograph line and into a second before most fans ever make it into their first.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

The Virdon is sweet! Very nice.

Also very cool Mr. Moon was there. Guess he's still fond of the Cards!