Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Warm Up 2011–Friday Night!!!

We stayed at the Winter Warm Up hotel again this year. My dad surprised me with some baseball card packs and a some cheap boxes he bought on ebay. My dad bought me a box of 2006 Ovation for Christmas. I liked them so much that he bought two more cheap boxes on ebay. Here’s the cool stuff I got. It was awesome.

Numbered Cards
2006 UD Ovation Jackson RC 568 of 9992006 UD Ovation Jacobs RC 72 of 999
2006 UD Ovation Jones Gold 348 of 4992006 UD Ovation Teixeira Gold 310 or 499
Jersey Cards
2006 UD Ovation Lee Jersey2006 UD Ovation Oswalt Jersey

The first autograph was of Miguel Cabrera!
2006 UD Ovation Cabrera Auto

The second autograph was KEN GRIFFEY JR.!!!!!!!!! It was awesome. I high fived my dad for five minutes (Dad: At least five minutes of continuous high fiving followed by random shouts of “Yes!!!!” “Whooohooo!!!” and “Ken Griffey Jr!!!” the rest of the night.).
2006 UD Ovation Griffey Auto
Ovation is awesome!!!


Dhoff said...

Any chance this Cabrera is up for trading? I have a bunch of cool Cardinals and other stuff I think you two might like.