Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gypsy Queen Rack Pack II - Another Iron Horse!

Here are the results of our 2nd Gypsy Queen Rack Pack. We’ll start with one of the best cards we’ve ever pulled out of a pack.

Lou Gehrig Framed Mini Jersey
2011 Gypsy Queen Gehrig Jersey

The bonus pack of green framed was packed with a Cardinal’s HOF’er.
2011 Gypsy Queen Gibson Green Frame2011 Gypsy Queen Murphy Green Frame2011 Gypsy Queen Reese Green Frame

And now the inserts…
2011 Gypsy Queen Pujols HR Heroes2011 Gypsy Queen Ramirez HR Heroes2011 Gypsy Queen Feliz Future Stars2011 Gypsy Queen Hudson Sticky Fingers

And finally – Adara
2011 Gypsy Queen Adara

All of the mini’s were base cards but its hard to believe all of these cards came from one rack pack!


Greg Zakwin said...

Sick pull, congrats!

McGee's Willie said...

Nice pulls, love the Gibson.