Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cards from the Far East

Here’s a change of pace: Sayonara, Home Run! was my summer vacation book in 2008. Its light easy reading of a fascinating subject and era: Japanese baseball and baseball cards. The designs, color, photos and artwork of these old cards pop off the page in ways vintage American cards do not, at least in the books I’ve seen.


I actually considered starting a collection of these colorful cards, discs, masks & diecuts. Imagine my surprise when I discovered these two cards while strolling through an antique shop in Central Wisconsin! These generic Menko cards are probably from a baseball game and date from the 1950’s. They are approximately 7 inches in diameter and have cardboard “kickstand” on the flipside.



I originally bought them to frame and hang in Isaac’s soon-to-be baseball bedroom but may just hold on to them in case the collecting bug hits.

For more information on Japanese cards, old and new, visit Robs Japanese Cards and browse his cards for sale, books, and general collecting advice. Many of the cards displayed in Sayonara came from his personal collection. He was extremely helpful in identifying these discs when I finally decided to research them.



Your right about the color . I have a couple cards somewhere and a couple wrappers. They do round out a baseball collection.