Friday, January 23, 2009

The Checklist

We gave this book to Isaac for Christmas. He pored over it at first; looking for pictures of HOF’ers, listening to his Papa’s stories of attending games at Sportsman’s Park, wondering why Musial didn’t have cards***, etc… Once the novelty had worn off, the book went to his baseball library (I’m only half joking about that) to gather dust until something triggered further investigation. Winter Warm-Up was that trigger. He saw the book at several vendors and finally put two and two together: those pictures are actually cards for his binder. Witness the transformation from dusty book to The Checklist… this could get expensive.


Oh, and the 2008 Heritage High Numbers cards he loves “are *just* like the cards from 1959, Dad!” Still, given the choice between a $4 –5 card from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s and a pack of Heritage, Isaac went for the Heritage High’s. The lucky streak continued; he pulled a Chris Perez short print. I wonder when he’s going to decide he needs cards 1 – 500…

*** Can anyone explain this? Was Musial a Bowman exclusive?



I've got one of those books from 1987 for the Indians . They are nice for reference.As far as Musial. I would have to guess that you are correct but I really don't know for sure.