Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oddball Alert

I was in Prescott, Arizona a few weeks ago and picked up a bunch of Cards in an antique mall for Isaac. These cards were part of a 2001 series released by the Arizona Department of Health Services to encourage kids to stay away from chewing tobacco. I have no idea how large this set is or even who is in it. I just thought it was cool that a set from Arizona included at least two Cardinals and has classic newpaper cartoons on the back... love the Family Circle cartoon with the boy wearing a D-backs shirt.



Those are cool! There were only 3 cards in the set. Steve Finley would be the the other one.For what it's worth, the McGwire books for $6.00 and Joe for $3.00. $10.00 for the set.

IkesCards said...

Really! Where did you get that info? That's an interesting trio... McGwire in his last year, Joe an AZ retiree, and Finley. Odd that they chose two Cardinals for an AZ state issued set.


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