Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Topps Attax Prizes

I took Isaac to the local Toys ‘R’ Us last month for a Topps Attax game day. The turn out was sparse but it gave Isaac had a chance to play the game with other kids and they even gave a way free starter packs. Kids had their choice of the Ruth pack or the Mantle pack.

We left after 45 minutes but not before checking out the small card island. After much deliberation, Isaac decided on a rack pack of 2010 Heritage. After even more consideration, he finally picked which pack we were going to buy.

The kid has a gift. He opened the pack on the drive home and pulled this:

2010 Topps Heritage Upton Blue Auto

Nothing major… but he has a knack of usually getting something cool from his packs. Now, if only that could somehow transfer to the box breaks we’ve been signing up for lately…