Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Side By Side: Jason Motte

Motte is the enigma in the Cardinals bullpen. A former catcher converted to flame thrower out of the pen, Motte can throw some heat. Unfortunately, that's about it. He was supposed to have a 2nd pitch this year but we really haven't seen it. On top of all that, his heat doesn't really show up until late May / early June. We'll need him to get it going sooner rather than later this year to relieve, no pun intended, Franklin and give him some days off throughout the year to avoide the late season meltdown he had last year. If Motte doesn's perform, I'm guessing the Cardinals will trade for a setup man midseason.

All that said, Motte was great with Isaac when he signed this card in 2009 and also was the life of the elevator at the 2010 Winter Warm Up when he hitched a ride upstairs with us.