Thursday, March 10, 2011

Southtown Sluggers

My dad took me to Southtown Sluggers last month. It is a small shop but full of new and old cards. We got four cool cards from the buy one get one free box plus a few packs. For $12, I got four cool relic cards – three of them borderline hall of famers.

2006 Artifacts So Taguchi Jersey 239 / 325
2006  UD Artifacts Taguchi Jersey 239 of 325

2003 Jim Edmonds Bowman Heritage Jersey
2003 Bowman Heritage Jim Edmonds Jersey

2005 Donruss Greats Lee Smith Jersey
2005 Donruss Greats Lee Smith Jersey
2005 Diamond Kings Larry Walker Dual Bat 36 / 100
2005 Donruss Diamond Kinds Walker Dual Bat 36 of 100


flywheels said...

I like that Lee Smith card. I didn't know Larry Walker played for the Cardinals!