Monday, May 30, 2011

Gyspy Queen Hobby Box Break

My Dad surprised me with a Gypsy Queen Hobby Box last week that he bought when it first came out. He has some really good hiding places in the house because I did not know about this one. Like a lot of these boxes, our box only had one of the two autos so we'll be sending in the UPC for the second autograph.

Here's what we got...
Framed cards. Pujols, Ruth and Hornsby… as a Cub?!?!?
2011 Gypsy Queen Hobby Pujols Framed2011 Gypsy Queen Ruth Framed2011 Gypsy Queen Hornsby Framed
2011 Gypsy Queen Santana Framed2011 Gypsy Queen Hamilton Framed2011 Gypsy Queen Hobby Kinsler Framed

Everybody’s Gypsy Queen Autograph – another Cub hit for us this year. Boo!!!!
2011 Gypsy Queen Cashner Auto

Our relics – Another Gehrig Jersey!!!
2011 Gypsy Queen Gehrig Jersey2011 Gypsy Queen Hanson Jersey

We were also lucky enough to get another printing plate. This time it’s a Pee Wee Reese Yellow Printing Plate 1 of 1. Like the Cody Ross plate I pulled on my birthday, it was in the same pack as the Hanson jersey card.
2011 Gypsy Queen Reese Yellow Printing Plate

These are up for trade for similar Cardinals you may have. Thanks.


Greg Zakwin said...

Sweet hits!

I wish I had something to swap for that Pee Wee, that's an incredible pull.


The Dimwit said...

I would definitely be interested in any or all of those bronze border cards you're willing to trade. If you want to take a look through my "for trade" lists, maybe we can work out a deal. Also, I'm running a contest on my blog for the bronze border cards, so any you trade me will get you an entry for each card! Let me know if you'd like to make a deal!

I would also be interested in that Pee Wee Reese or Gehrig if there are any big "hits" you find that you want from my cards! Thanks!

The Dimwit said...

Just thought I'd mention/add-on that I do have a Musial bat relic from Gypsy Queen this year, as well as a Pujols/Fielder dual relic and a Carpenter jersey relic if any of those interest you. Thanks!