Monday, February 16, 2009

1968 Fleer World Series Cards

I ran into a box of these over lunch. I only picked up two Cardinals related cards and left the rest of the deck behind. I can go back and pick up what’s left if anyone is interested. Plenty of Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox, etc… cards in the pile.

1943 – Cardinals Lose the Series to the Yankees 4 – 1.

WS 1943f

WS 1943b

1967 – Cardinals Win the Series over the Red Sox 4 – 3. Aside from being horribly miss-cut, this card is curious for the absence of player names on the back of the card. The 1943 card included player names, this one does not. I wonder if player contracts with Topps extended beyond using photos of players and included even using the names themselves? Its disappointing not to see names like Brock, Gibson, Maris, Cepeda, Carlton, Yaz, etc… on the back of the card. I watched this series on the MLB network over the weekend, narrated by Harry Caray no less, and it makes me wish we had it at home!

WS 1967f  WS 1967b