Monday, February 2, 2009

Jawdy’s 2008 Heroes Break

I decided to treat Isaac to a slot on Jawdy’s January 2008 Upper Deck Heroes case break to see if we couldn’t get lucky and get the Cardinals randomly. At the very least, I hoped he’d get a decent team for cards to trade for Cardinals. We didn’t get the Cards but I thought we’d did pretty well pulling the Mets. I was  wrong.  We got five numbered parallels and two shared hits. The good news is that we shared one hit, a Carlton / Santana parallel, with Dave at Fielder’s Choice and the other, a Jeter / Reyes dual relic, with Ernest at Blue Heaven. I gotta say that he REALLY cleaned up having both the Yankees and Red Sox in the break.

Dave was nice enough to let us have the Carlton as part of an ongoing trade while Ernest let Isaac keep the Jeter in exchange for some modern Dodger cards. In addition, we worked out a mass Dodgers – Cardinals trade that Isaac was thrilled with, more on that later.

Here are the non-base cards from the break. If any Mets fans are interested in these or any Mets base cards from this set let us know and we’ll work something out.

Thanks again to Jawdy, Dave & Ernest for making this break and resulting trades so enjoyable for the little guy.

Carlton Santana Blue

Jeter Reyes Relic

Wright Red

Waggne Green 

Reyes Green

Pedro Grey 

Delgado Grey