Friday, February 6, 2009

More From the Vintage Buy

How many posts can I milk from one shop visit? Let’s bleed this one dry and find out… This time a Topps type-card stroll through the 60’s + 1.

1960 – Bill White

White 1960

1961 – Nada

1962 – Bob Duliba

Duliba 1962

1963 – Carl Sawatski. That might be one of the best baseball names I’ve never heard. Can you imagine ESPN highlights whenever he’d bash a homer?

 Sawatski 1963

1964 – Ray Sadecki

Sadecki 1

1965 – Ron Taylor

 Tayler 1965

1966 – Dal Maxvill.

Maxvill 1966

1967 – Nada

1968 – 1967 World Series Highlights

 Briles 1968 WS

1969 – Ron Willis

 Willis 1969

1970 – Chuck Taylor. Sir, my son wears your shoes… red ones of course.

Taylor 1970

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Only a few more to go…


night owl said...

Anytime I see a 1960 Topps card it makes me that more eager for the '09 Heritage to come out. Can't wait for that product (even if it is impossible to complete).

Cuyahogabend said...

We're with you on that. But, Isaac just discovered Heritage 08 in December so wt have some catching up to do!