Monday, February 16, 2009

Lucky Streak Continues…

So last month, Isaac pulls an instant winner Rick Ankiel autograph ticket at the Winter Warm-Up. Saturday, he gets a 36 card jumbo pack of 2009 Topps in his Valentines basket. He didn’t pull an autograph, a relic, or a Cardinal legend, much less a base Cardinal, but he did pull this:

RobinsonStamp 2009

At first he thought it was a silk card. He really wants to pull a silk card. He doesn’t want to buy one, just pull one… Wrapper says the insert rate for the Legends Stamp cards is 1:755 packs (not sure if that is all packs, retail packs, retail jumbos, etc…) and is easily the rarest thing he’s gotten out of any pack. Ever the set builder, he set this one aside, put the base cards in order, then promptly logged into ToppsTown to start building that online set. You go buddy!