Friday, March 27, 2009

2009 Dad Packs!

2009 Dad Packs are live! I travel quite a bit and have been picking up singles here and there of Cardinals, Isaac's favorite players, and the occasional oddball I think he'll like. Isaac is also turning seven soon and has started doing chores around the house. What better way to reward him (instead of an allowance) than homemade Dad Packs?!? Look for auto's, game used, and even 09 Topps and Heritage packs inside!

Can you tell which ones Dad the Engineer / IT guy did and the lone pack designed by Mom the Art Teacher?


Nachos Grande said...

If that doesn't make Isaac's day, I don't know what will!


That is a great idea ! I wish I'd thought of that when my boys were younger.Oh, in answer to your question, "Mom the art teacher " wouldn't have done the pack with the Cardinal would she ?!!

IkesCards said...

Thanks guys. They're fun to make and even more fun to see Isaac open them. And yes, Mom made the Bird s 'n' Bats pack.