Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Helmar Brewing Series 1

I started a mini binder after reading dayf’s A&G mini post last month. It really is a stroke of genius as it gets all of those great cards out of the boxes and into an easily viewed book. I started with the A&G 07 & 08 mini’s we had and stirred in some Topps T205 & T206 from 03 & 04 to make it more interesting. I’m thinking about picking up some vintage specimens to spice things up as well. Before I jump head first into that empty pool, I thought I’d revisit the Helmar Brewing cards I picked up last summer.

Series 1 was released in 2005 and was available as a set, uncut sheet or in packs of of three cards. I bought a set along with the Series 3 set (more on that in a later post) after reading a few posts and seeing them in person during a trip to Wisconsin. I’m told Series 2 is only available as a set and is difficult to find these days.

I had planned to put them in binder pages and scan them for all to enjoy but the cards are too thick for normal 205 / 206 pages. They’re the equivalent of 3 - 4 A&G mini’s, depending on how hard you squeeze. If I can figure out how to display these, then I’ll re-post with pictures. Until then, here are the three St. Louis related cards:

James “Cool Papa” Bell


Mordecai Brown of the St. Louis Terriers


Hugh McAleer of the St. Louis Browns. This is an interesting one as I can only find information on Jimmy McAleer.


These have also been featured at A Pack A Day here and here. Topps Heritage also has an article and checklist online.