Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Streak Continues…

Another two Quik Trip packs over lunch, another pair of winners… at least if you’re a Cardinal fan.

16 – Chris Perez. 2008 Closer-In-Waiting just suffered bad-mullet-kharma and was sent to the minors yesterday. And yes, that might be the least genuine “action” shot I’ve seen in this set.

16 Perez

368 – Aaron Miles. Another curious example of Topps not airbrushing the new uniforms for a player who switched teams well ahead of time. I like Miles, Isaac absolutely loves him… its a shame he had to go to Chicago. But hey, if someone wants to overpay for my skills, I’d do the same thing.

368 Miles

437 – Zach Duke SP

 437 DukeSP

C26 – Vladimir Guerrero Chrome /1960

 C26 Vlad 944_1960


NF5 – Fifty Star Flag Insert

NF5 Flag

All in all, another surprisingly good pair of retail packs from the gas station!