Saturday, March 28, 2009

Retail Therapy

The local Quik Trips have carried trading cards for the last year or so and the ones I frequent started putting up 09 Heritage a week or so ago. Avoiding the retail vs. hobby debate, the sheer convenience of picking up a pack or two along with the morning coffee outweighs the base card blues found inside. Or does it?

I ended up buying two packs earlier this week and, surprised by the retail goodness, picked up another two packs this morning at a different location. Out of four packs, only one yielded 100% base cards and that one had a Sizemore so Isaac was pretty excited. All in all, 2 short prints, a Flashback, a Berkman /1960, and a Molina /560 out of four retail packs.

30 Sizemore 450 Morneau SP 486 Jones AS SP BF2 Mazeroski C40 Berkman 1246-1960 C64 Molina 519-560


madding said...

Nice Yadi card!