Sunday, March 7, 2010

1952 Red Schoendienst Redman

I've been meaning to post about this card since I won it off of ebay a while back. The post isn't really about the card though, that its in great shape despite missing the tab, that the man pictured on the card is still an active part of the Cardinal Family. No, this post is about the note attached to the card.

The seller included the following thank you note and while the top half is certainly just a form letter, albeit one I'm not used to receiving after my ebay transactions, the bottom half is what makes baseball and, by proxy, baseball card collecting great.

If you can't read the hand writing in the pic...

"Hope you enjoy your "Red" Schoendienst 1951 Redman Baseball Card. I used to live in Belleville, IL (where my family lives now) years ago before transferring to Kansas City with TWA. I have followed the St. Louis Cardinals since I was a young boy in the '50's. Good Luck. Art"

Now how cool is that? I remember placing a low bid on this card thinking we'd never get it at that price. Sure enough, the cards aligned and Red and this note arrived a few days later. With all the talk about the MLBP and UD, notes like this help Isaac see how cool the hobby can be and that we're lucky to be fans of sport and franchise with so much history and, more importantly, good will... reinforcing the importance of writing thank you notes doesn't hurt either!