Thursday, March 4, 2010

Retro Mini’s

As Isaac builds sets, hoards Cardinals, and fills his favorite player binder, I’ve been gravitating towards vintage Cardinals and mini’s of any flavor, though lately just Cardinals. Here are a few of my latest additions from a newly discovered local shop with a huge, well sorted selection.

1975 Topps Mini's of Gibby and Brock

1975 Brock Highlights Mini 1975 Gibson Highlights Mini

2003 Topps 206 Sweet Caporal

2003 Brock 206 Sweet Caporal Mini

A trio of 2006 Bowman Heritage mini's including Wainwright's "rookie" in mini form.

2006 Carpenter Heritage Mini2006 Molina Heritage Mini 2006 Wainwright Heritage Mini

The 2009 A&G Conor Jackson 6/10 silk card I mentioned a while back.

2009 Jackson AG Silk



Nice cards! Say, that new shop doesn't have any mini '75 Topps Tribe cards do they? I have #'s 38,86,135,403,605 and 655.

IkesCards said...

I only looked through the Cardinals "oddballs & inserts" box but he did have tons of well organized vintage. I'll check it out next time we're in that part of town.