Saturday, March 6, 2010

Side By Side: Mitch Boggs

Mitch Boggs had been a starter in the minors and in his limited appearances in St. Louis. Sometime late last year, however, he made a relief appearance and, amazingly, had more control and more oomph on his fastball. Despite a glaring need for a fifth starter, Boggs has been gearing up for a relief role this year. Tony and Dunc are talking him up as a setup man or even more this year. Maybe the closer if Franklin or Motte falter?

Isaac got these two autographs at the Winter Warm Up this year. The signature isn't really clear in the red Sharpie while the Bowman chrome auto isn't exactly legible. Maybe I need to hit ebay... otherwise this series has about run its course.


madding said...

I was really impressed with Boggs in his late season relief appearances. It seems like Kyle McClellan has the inside track on the 5th starter spot, so they'll likely need someone to replace him in the bullpen and Boggs could be a good fit.