Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trade With Carl Crawford Cards

I offered a Juan Marichal Topps scratch off card for trade awhile back and worked out a trade for a 1968 Topps game card of Prime Time’s favorite baseball announcer.
1968 Topps Game McCarver
CCC also threw in a bunch of cards for Isaac. Here are a few of Ike’s favorites.
2009 UD Sweet Spot Markakis Jersey
1959 Topps Heritage Buy Back McDaniel 2001 Topps Gold Label Ankiel 2006 Topps Heritage Mini Wainwright Rookie
2003 Topps Heritage New Age Pujols 2008 Topps Heritage Flashback Pujols 2003 Topps Heritage Flashback Musial
Oh yeah. Ike got bipped… “Dad why did he send all of these Ozzie’s? Why did he write on the Carl Crawford Card? I’m not allowed to write on cards…”


Carl Crawford Cards said...

I still owe you guys! Thanks again for the great trade. Glad to send all those Ozzies to cards fans.