Monday, March 8, 2010

1970 Topps Scratch Off Game Cards

Saw these over lunch today. Not knowing much about them, I decided to pick them up as trade bait for any Cardinals in this series. Well, I just googled the set and found that there aren’t any Redbirds in the set after all. That said, these are pretty cool. The perforations are intact, as are all of the black scratch off boxes. If anyone is interested in a HOF’er oddball or a fan of the Seattle Pilots or Brewers or Indians broadcasters (Hegan is / was a broadcaster for both according to wikipedia).

1970 Juan Marishal Topps Scratch Off 1970 Mike Hegan Topps Scratch Off


Carl Crawford Cards said...

If you're interested I have a '68 Tim McCarver Topps game piece I'll flip for the Marichal! Just drop me a line on my blog.