Monday, March 8, 2010

March Card Show Love

I’m still not comfortable letting Isaac loose at a card show, particularly one infested by Missouri Tiger fans as yesterday’s was. Still, if I have one piece of advice for anyone going to the St. Louis monthly show, its “Bring A Kid.” This was our third show and the same guy always calls Isaac over, asks him what his favorite sport is, and hands him a freebie. The first time it was a Longoria X die cut card. This time, he reached into a stack of top loaders and handed three cards to Isaac: a ‘61 Nuxhall, a ‘63 Torre, and an 07 Goudey. Isaac’s reaction? A "Thanks!” followed by “One hall of famer and one future hall of famer!” Kids today…

1961 Topps Nuxhall 1963 Tops Torre 2007 UD Goudey Schmidt

Isaac also finished off his 2009 Series One set and most of Series Two. He left U & H for a later date. I picked up a few cheap mini’s while he was set building.

2009 Topps T206 Mize 2009 UD Goodwin Ozzie Black Border Gypsy Qeen 2009 UD Goudey Musial Green Border

We made one last stop and I bought Isaac a 2009 Series 2 jumbo pack and a 2010 Series 1 jumbo to open on the ride home. His hot streak continues... he ended up pulling these:

2009 Topps Baldelli Bat Relic 2010 Topps Ramirez Hat Relic



Sounds like a good time!!