Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Topps 2008 Red Hot Rookie Redemption Update

PSA for those waiting for their 2008 Red Hot Rookies.

Like many others, we received emails in late February and early March that Isaac's 2008 Red Hot Rookie Redemptions were in the mail and should be delivered within 10 - 14 business days. After waiting well past that timeframe with no cards in hand, I called Topps this morning for an update.

I was told that the emails were erroneous and that the cards would not be arriving within 10 - 14 business days of the email sent date. Instead, the wait is actually 4 - 6 weeks for the cards to be sent, with a 10 - 14 day delivery window after they leave Topps.

No great shakes, just an FYI for others waiting for their redemptions. We're waiting for #6 and #8... I've forgotten who they are and am too lazy to find out right now. Isaac would know though.


Anonymous said...

what the hell!?

IkesCards said...

I know. But I've waited this long, what's another month or so. A follow up email would have been nice though.