Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ike's First Box Break?

Picked up two blasters of 2004 Bowman Heritage at the flea market today... CHEAP! Isaac wants to do a video box break. We'll see how the video looks but this may be his Internet debut! If not, we'll scan and post the  good ones.


cubsfan731 said...

Man, I have GOT to find a card show in my area. I'm seeing all of these posts about the goodies that different bloggers picked up. UGH!


cubsfan731-Did you ever check Beckett's show schedule? Also,have cards going out to you monday.

Ike ! I do need some Tribe cards from that set. I'll be watching !!

madding said...

Wow, I wish I could find stuff like that. The last time I saw cards at a Fleer market, some guy was trying to sell hand collated sets of 1990 Fleer. Yikes!