Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day Packs

Mom and Dad gave me two jumbo packs for Valentines Day this year. I got a couple of Cardinals including a Stan Musial Lost Card that Dad forgot to scan for this post. Here are three of the cooler inserts.

Pack 1

Miguel Montero Cyan Printing Plate 1/1. The first printing plate and 1/1 card I’ve ever pulled out of a pack!2011 Topps Montero Printing Plate 1 of 1

Geovany Soto Jersey. Ugh… another Cub relic. First Castro, now Soto. Its hard to make out in the picture but the jersey is actually dirty. Still pretty cool that there was a jersey and printing plate in the same pack though.

2011 Topps Soto Jersey

Pack 2

Clayton Kershaw Sparkle card. This is my first sparkle card.

2011 Topps Kershaw Sparkle

These are up for trade for similar Cardinals or favorite players (Markakis, Roberts, Hamilton, Braun, Lincecum) printing plate, jersey or sparkle cards.


Ernest said...

Congrats on the sparkle. That is pretty awesome.

night owl said...

If I track down a Cardinal sparkle, I will find you for that Kershaw sparkle.

IkesCards said...

Deal! Do you know if there is a checklist for the sparkle cards or does every card have a sparkle version?

madding said...

Sparkle cards?! Is this real?

IkesCards said...

Madding - Check out these posts:

night owl said...


That's what they've found so far. Looks like Garcia, Pujols and Carpenter are the Cardinals.

night owl said...

That link didn't appear right.


Go to, click on the "all sets by year" link in the left-hand column, then click on the 2011 link, then click on the "2011 Topps, Series One" link, then click on the "Diamond Sparkle Gimmicks (Twinks) link, which is one of the sub-categories under "checklist."

That will give you the checklist of the known "sparkle" cards found so far.