Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Non-Blaster

Isaac is always checking out the card aisle at the big box store. If they don’t have any new packs or packs he needs to finish off sets he invariably focuses on blaster boxes. Specifically, the blasters that guarantee a relic card. I try to tell him a blaster for cards he doesn’t want (except for the random relic) just aren’t worth the trouble – its just $20 of junk he’s going to put straight into the trade or hospital boxes. That $20 would be better spent buying singles he actually wants or needs.

So… I decided to put my $20 where my mouth is and hit ebay to see what I could get for $20. I decided to only buy cards from a single seller to minimize shipping and handling which ended up being another $4.

I ended up with a good mix of Cardinals and Ike’s favorite players: 7 relics and one auto.
First, the favorite player – Grady Sizemore. 2004 UD USA Baseball Jersey numbered to 850, 2008 Sweet Spot Jersey, 2009 Topps Unique Jersey numbered to 275.

2004 Upper Deck USA Baseball Sizemore Jersey 841 of 8502008 Sweet Spot Sizemore Jersey2009 Topps Unique Sizemore Jersey 48 of 275
And now the Cardinals:
1999 Fleer Bob Forsch Auto, 2005 UD Origins Scott Rolen Jersey, 2007 Allen Ginter Scott Rolen Jersey, 2008 Donruss Ozzie Smith Jersey numbered to 99, 2010 Chicle Colby Rasmus Jersey
1999 Fleer Forsch Auto2005 Upper Deck Origins Rolen Jersey2007 Allen Ginter Rolen Jersey
2008 Donruss Smith Jersey 51 of 992010 Chicle Rasmus Jersey