Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stadium Used: Rebel Oakes

Thought I’d share the birthday gift my family gave me for my 40th last October. The Redbird Club is an excellent place to watch the Redbirds at Busch. The Club provides an air conditioned break from the summer heat and a variety of made to order food items that are not available elsewhere in the stadium. Its walls are adorned with large scale images of vintage baseball cards, primarily from the tobacco era.
I saw this Rebel Oakes artwork in the Cardinals Authentics store while walking around the stadium with Isaac. It’s the wall art of the Rebel Oakes T205 card from the Redbird Club in the stadium. I’ve seen posters of this card on the internet, usually side by side with the back of the card, but they can’t compare with “stadium used” art peeled off the wall. Its too bad portions of the image were cut off but they contribute to the "stadium used" aspect. This Mr. Oakes may been replaced with a newer, cleaner copy in the Redbird Club but I’m happy to have him at our house.
Check out the view to get a better idea of the size and scale of the club and the images on the wall.
 Rebel Oakes


Thorzul said...

Wow. That's spectacular!

IkesCards said...

Thanks! It was definitely exciting when I saw Isaac and Mom walking towards me with the package at the game.

Now... how do I drop the hint about the 10 foot Cardinals stadium flag from last season...