Saturday, February 19, 2011

Side By Side: Adam Wainwright

Bringing Side By Side back to keep things going until the season starts. Might as well start with Isaac’s favorite autograph from the 2011 Winter Warm Up. Here’s what we’ve got:
In person, on card:
2006 Topps Chrome Rookie Auto Sticker
2006 Topps Chrome Wainwright Auto RC
2006 Topps Co-Signers Auto Sticker
2006 Topps CoSigners Wainwright Auto
2006 Upper Deck Special Something Or Other Auto Sticker
2006 Upper Deck Special Wainwright Auto
So what do you think? Wainwright definitely uses more room on the Relic card and the #50 inscription is nice too. The sticker autos, even though there is more room on them, seem rushed by comparison. They’re also eerily perfectly centered though!


Nathan said...

I like the Clubhouse Collection auto the best