Monday, February 7, 2011

Merry Christmas! aka Double Heisey’s

I was lucky to get lots of packs and even some boxes for Christmas. My aunt and uncle gave me a rack pack of Topps Chrome and I got a Chris Heisey rookie autograph.
2010 Topps Chrome Heisey Rookie Auto
My mom and dad gave me a box of 2006 Ovation and I got a cool Chien Ming Wang autograph. I liked how he signed it in Chinese and not in English.
2006 Ovation Auto
Santa gave me a jumbo box of 2010 Updates! Guess what I got? Yep – another Chris Heisey autograph!
2010 Topps UH Heisey Auto
To make up for it, I also got a cool Mel Ott black bat card.
2010 Topps UH Ott Black Bat 24 of 25
I am keeping the Chien Ming Wang autograph. I liked the set and autograph so much my dad bought me two cheap boxes on ebay where I got a Ken Griffey Jr. autograph for the Winter Warm Up. I’d like to trade the Heisey autographs for similar Cardinals autographs. I’d also like to trade the Mel Ott for a Cardinals black bat card in case anyone has one.