Friday, February 4, 2011

What some kids will do to get 2011 packs...

So I got a call this morning from Isaac's school. Turns out he took a spill while skating and had a bloody lip. At least that's what I heard... what actually happened was that his tooth when through the area just under his lower lip and punctured through the other side! Yikes.

So what does he ask when I pick him up at the nurse's office? "Can we go to the hobby shop?" I took one look at his lip and said yes... figured we'd need something to do at the doctor and dentist offices.

2011 packs at our hobby shop are the same price as those in Target - $1.99 and have 10 cards. I bought him 5 packs to open today and a jumbo box for later - probably for his birthday but I may get soft and let him open a few packs early.

Scans to come - I can tell you he got a relic in those five packs!


Colbey said...

Ouch! Hope he feels better soon. I know new cardboard always helps me when I'm having a bad day.