Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mystery Vintage Cards

Here are the rest of the mysterious vintage Cardinals cards found in my laptop bag. There other five were Cardinals team cards. Let’s start at the most recent and go backwards…

1969 Lou Brock World Series Home Run
1969 Topps Brock WS HR
1967 Curt Flood
1967 Topps Flood
1961 Curt Flood
1961 Topps Flood
1960 Curt Flood
1960 Topps Flood
1959 Curt Flood
1959 Topps Flood
The Flood streak ends with a 1959 Ken Boyer
1959 Topps Boyer
And the stack ends with a 1952 Enos Slaughter!
1952 Topps Slaughter
Not a bad haul for $11.53! I just wish I could remember where I got these so I can go back on my next trip for another raid.